The wound hides the wisdom

by Samuel Osborne

An infinite source of motivation lies within you.

What did you do as a child that required no effort to do?

Perhaps a game you played for hours and hours.

Most mornings I woke up early, closed my door so as not to disturb my three sisters down the hall, and I would tip this huge white plastic box upside down and a myriad, yes a myriad of Lego pieces would spill over the floor like a saggy Egyptian Pyramid.

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Is the answer to your problem right in front of you, right now?

“There’s a spaceship on the street,” says some guy as I walk out of Trader Joe’s supermarket, just around the corner from Hollywood Boulevard last week. The guy was referring to the full size X-Wing on display in the middle of the street for the Rouge One world premier. Seeing the X-wing right in front of me was definitely one of the moments where I joyously thought to myself, I could die now, I’ve seen what I needed to see! Continue reading “Is the answer to your problem right in front of you, right now?”

The Wound That Hides the Wisdom

Why is trusting yourself so important?

How many people do you think simply don’t trust themselves enough? Maybe you are one of them too? I am often a person who doesn’t trust themselves enough and it has been the definitive thing about my personality traits that holds me back from taking leaps of faith that could very well lead to more happiness. If you are looking to trust yourself more, I believe I have something for you. Continue reading “Why is trusting yourself so important?”

Trusting yourself as a style of service to the world.

I’ve just watched a short video of Jeffery Slater talk about how he found his message by observing his life.  He speaks with such a genuine nature about being in the body and less in the mind, especially when it comes to speaking well to audiences. I really like his wisdom too. That being in the body is the most authentic and wise way to be of service to people.

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Do you wish your life and work had meaning?

“Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.” Viktor Frankl.

What was the last thing you watched that made you think? I’ve just watched the first part of a documentary series called Decadence and it’s made me think about the meaning of our lives. Therefore, since I like to write about teleology (the study of meaning and purpose), I feel moved to write this article for people who are longing for meaning in their life and work.

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Your blind spot ain’t so blind.

Did you ever have a moment in your life when you realised you had a blind spot? A part of your mind that you couldn’t see until it had created some sort of disturbance in your life. An unconscious habit, going on completely unnoticed by you, either causing you continual stagnation and set backs in your life, perhaps even being the root cause of some serious self-sabotaging? Continue reading “Your blind spot ain’t so blind.”

The day you broke up with perfectionism.

Can you break it off with an unconscious quality of your personality much like breaking it off with that jerk you’ve been hanging around with?

There you both stand, in the doorway at home, the mood is tight. Your need for perfectionism stands looking at you dumbfoundedly. “What’s the matter honey,” he asks. And you’re there going, “Look, um… I’ve thought about this a lot and… um,” the whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me,’ thing comes out and boom! there’s tears.

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3 steps to an open and expectant frame of mind.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life that he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”  Henry David Thoreau

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